Finding the perfect location for a memorable New Year’s party can often be stressful. Ideas range from a classic dinner with family and friends, to more innovative parties ideas. If you love spending New Year in a more peaceful way your home might just be the perfect location. Clubs, bars and pubs are also a good option if you are looking for a theme party.

But let’s think outside the box. What about doing something completely different this year? Perhaps a New Year’s celebration far away from your home town but in the company of the people you love. So, treat yourself to a memorable New Year and get ready for a trip. There are many destinations, from the most exclusive to the most romantic.

A trip to Prague could be a good way to break tradition. New Year’s Eve in Prague is the ideal location to start 2019 with a little bit of magic.


Ideas for New Year's Eve in Prague

The old city is where people gather together for the midnight celebrations, with joy and revelry. The extraordinary astronomical clock of the main square marks midnight and starts the festivities with a fireworks show. Fun is guaranteed.

As an alternative to the busy spree you can take the ferry that runs through Moldova. Dinner on the ferry makes your New Year’s Eve very intimate while jazz music creates a romantic atmosphere.

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For you New Year’s Eve trip to Prague you can also rent a hut, which makes a perfect location for couples. You can also increase the atmosphere and make it even more Christmassy with small decorations. In fact, the city is filled with spectacular Christmas markets, where you can buy many typical Czech objects as well as Christmas decorations to boost your holiday magic.

There is a huge variety of gifts you can take back home with you, from traditional Czech decor to special table centerpiece and Christmas tree decor…with plenty of exceptional details.

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So, get inspired by these decorations and take a look at our article for some tips and ideas on how to decorate your dinner table to make your New Year’s Eve fabulous and magical.

Thanks for reading. We wish you a magical New Year, in Prague of course!

By Fabiola Gabbiano