Want to get back in shape after the Christmas holidays? Let it be your new year’s resolution. Don’t be afraid, with some simple advice everything is possible, and even in a short time. Plus we selected some of the most coveted design sport accessories to make your sport sessions trendier than ever.

Food & Drink Tips

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Drinking plenty of water and choosing healthy foods is the easiest way to detox your body from impurities. Tricking your body with fasting or skipping a meal is never a wise idea, try introducing healthy and fresh foods instead such as apples, spinach (rich in iron), almonds, kiwi, and blueberries.

So, limit alcohol and carbonated drinks as much you can, in order to get back in shape faster. Health authorities commonly recommend to drink an average of 2l of water a day, but a cup of herbal tea is a valid substitute during these cold winter days. Alternatively you can add some boleros instant powders to your water for a yummy fruity taste. We selected some goodies to get you started.


Let's get physical!

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Serenity, motivation and determination are fundamental to get back in shape. You have to make it work for yourself, so believing you can is the key.

Start with a moderate physical activities at least 30 minutes a day per 3 times a week, such as cycling, jogging or pilates classes. To get your shape faster you can also combine an extra hour of more intense activities such as swimming, dancing or running. It’s easy to keep track of your calories and steps with a smart watch, check our editor’s pick below.

Alternatively, if you have not time to do these activities, you can integrate exercises at home by downloading apps or watching video tutorials. It’s so simple and cheap.


Getting your shape back brings serenity to the body and a great smile on your face. Be strong and you’ll achieve your goals. Check out our lifestyle shop category for more design products.

Wishing you a good start of the year. Have fun getting back in shape with our tips and design sport collection.


By Fabiola Gabbiano